The Advantages of Cooking With Your Children

By: Catherine West Toddler boy helping bake in kitchen

If you have young children, you probably already know how much they love to help their parents. Helping their parents is not only fun, but it makes kids feel important as well. Cooking with your children is one of the best ways to spend time together, as it offers many fantastic advantages as described below.

Bonding Time

Perhaps the best benefit of cooking with your kids is the bonding time that if offers. Young children love to spend time with their parents, and by cooking together, they can create delicious meals while they strengthen their familial bond. Furthermore, keep in mind that children are only small once—they will grow up. When they get older, you will see them less and will not be able to spend as much time together.

Building Self-Confidence

As young children begin to explore their independence, they love to do things on their own. Allowing them to do such tasks as assemble tacos, create a pepperoni pizza or toss a salad gives them the confidence they seek. Their creations do not have to look or taste perfect, as long as you enjoy the time that you spend together.

Learning Basic Math Skills

By cooking with your children, you will be strengthening their math skills as well. For example, if a recipe calls for two cups of sugar, allow your children to measure it out for you. You can also teach your children fractions if you need a half or quarter cup of an ingredient.

Teaching Reading Skills

It is never too early to get your kids interested in reading, and cooking with your children will help you in this area. When you cook together, try to use recipes that have colorful pictures and read the words out loud. Encourage your kids to read the simple words and introduce them to any words they do not know.

Promoting Healthy Eating Habits

Too many young kids today are extremely picky eaters. This is mainly because they refuse to try new things. However, statistics show that children who cook with their parents are more apt to try new foods. Additionally, while you are grocery shopping, encourage your children to choose healthy fruits and veggies that they have never tried before and include these foods in the recipes you create together.

Encouraging Creativity

As stated above, the recipes that your children create do not have to be perfect. With that said, allow your children to express their creativity when they are cooking with you. Kids are naturally creative; however, too many of them are not allowed to express themselves. If your children want to make a happy-face pizza or a star-shaped sandwich, let them.

Learning About Other Cultures

Another great benefit of cooking with your kids is that you can teach them about other cultures. For example, if you choose to prepare tacos with your children, you can discuss the Latin culture. Conversely, if you make lasagna with your kids, you can talk with them about Italian traditions. The possibilities are limitless.

These are just a few of the perks of cooking with your children. Other fantastic benefits include teaching them about small motor skills, social skills, kitchen safety, table manners and how to follow directions. With so many advantages, you may want to cook with your kids every day!


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