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You know your little one should be starting solid foods at six months old. Are you unsure of where to start? Sweetpea Baby Food is here to help!

Signs your baby is ready for solid foods:

  • Your baby is able to sit upright with no assistance and has solid head control.
  • Your baby starts making chewing motions.
  • Your baby starts to look interested in food. They might try to grab something from your plate or are watching what you eat.
  • Your baby still seems hungry after they’ve had their milk.

Did you know?

Most babies are ready to start solid foods after they have doubled their birth weight.

How to start solids:

  • It is recommended that you start your baby on a fortified iron rice cereal or barley cereal. Both can be mixed with added breast milk, formula or water.
  • Start in small doses. One or two teaspoons to start and then complete the meal with milk to help with digestion.
  • If your baby is successfully eating solid foods twice a day, it is time to move them onto other solid foods. As a general rule, it is recommended to start feeding your baby fruits and/or vegetables in one-ingredient recipes, like Sweetpea’s Sweet Potato or Broccoli. Sweetpea believes the more colour a vegetable or fruit has, the more nutrition it has so they try to make its varieties as colourful as possible… like a box of crayons!
  • At around eight months, your baby should be able to move their jaw in a proper chewing motion. This is the stage to feed your baby small, bite sized pieces of food that they can pick up and feed themselves (always under careful adult supervision). Sweetpea recommends feeding them their Veggies & Chicken, Veggies & Turkey, Veggies, Beef & Barley recipes.


All of Sweetpea’s Baby Food is certified organic and follows the Canadian Organic Standards, as well as being wheat and soy free, with no artificial flavour, colours or preservatives. There is also no added salt, modified starches or sugars. Learn where you can buy Sweetpea Baby Food here.


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