How much formula do I feed my baby?

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Being a new parent can be overwhelming. One of the biggest concerns when you have a newborn is making sure they are getting enough milk.

When you’re breastfeeding it’s convenient to feed on demand. While you can’t see how much milk your baby is actually consuming.

Formula feeding is another story. You should feed your baby between 150ml (5 oz) and 200ml (6.7 oz) per kilogram (2 lbs) of their body weight every day. As an example, if your baby weighs 3kg (6 lbs), they’ll need to eat between 450ml and 600ml of formula in a day. These measurements are just a guideline — your baby isn’t necessarily going to eat the exact same amount at each feed.

As your baby grows, their formula intake will change. Here is a rough guide to help you figure out how much to give your baby:

In the first few weeks, try giving your baby between 60 – 70 ml (around 2 oz) at each feed. His tummy is still small, so he might not be able to drink much more than this at one time.

From two weeks to two months, your baby will want between 75 – 105 ml at each feed and will eat anywhere from 450 ml and 735 ml total in one day.

From two months to six months, your baby will want between 105 ml and 210 ml at each feed.

By six months, your baby will be drinking around 900 ml of formula per day. After you start feeding your baby solids, their formula intake will decrease to 600 ml a day.

You can use a product like the Baby Brezza Formula Pro to help measure bottles and mix your formula to the perfect temperature and consistency in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 oz bottles. The Formula Pro works with all brands of bottle and formula. Watch a great video on the Formula Pro here or visit their website:

Keep in mind, these are guidelines. You should also watch your baby’s cues on being over or under fed. If you are concerned about weight gain and your baby’s output talk to your pediatrician.


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