Bone In Pork Chop With Mustard Cream Sauce And Dilly Roast Garlic Potatoes

By: The Sultana of Sizzle, Napoleon’s Resident Grill Mistress pork chop 250

Bone In Pork Chop With Mustard Cream Sauce and Dilly Roast Garlic Potatoes. A whole meal. A hearty meal. Oh and it was pretty good too. This meal fell into so many categories, there’s the pork, then the sauce, and the side dish of the potatoes. The pork chop was very simply grilled, leaving room for the mustard sauce to come through. The roasted potatoes were lightly flavoured with roasted garlic and dill. Imagine crunching through the shell of a crispy potato into a fluffy cloud of potato goodness. Isn’t food fantastic?



4 bone in pork chops
2 tbsp. Bone Dust
½ cup of vegetable broth
3 tbsp. greek yogurt
1 tbsp. dijon mustard (not the bright yellow mustard)
2 tsp. lemon juice
pinch of sugar
1 tsp. dill

Dilly Roasted Garlic Potatoes
18 to 20 baby potatoes, washed and sliced in half
1 tsp. dill
5 cloves of roasted garlic, mashed
1 tbsp. goose fat



Preheat your grill to 350°F to 400°F.

Dust your pork chops with Bone Dust on both sides. Set them aside while the grill preheats.

Melt the goose fat (or butter). Toss the potatoes with the mashed roasted garlic and dill, then coat in goose fat. Lay them on a single layer on a Cast Iron Skillet or Griddle on the grill. Allow them to cook over direct heat for 30 minutes. You can throw these on while the grill is warming too.

While you’re waiting, pour the broth into a saucepan, along with the mustard and lemon juice. Whisk in the yogurt and the sugar and dill. Bring the sauce to a simmer and allow it to thicken.

When the grill is to temperature, grill the pork for 5 to 7 minutes per side, or until an instant read thermometer reads 145°F. If there is juice from the pork when you bring it in, pour that into the sauce as it’s simmering.

Serve the pork and potatoes with some seasonal veggies or a salad. Top the pork with a generous helping of the mustard sauce.



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