Blueberry Spinach Lentil Salad

Blueberry Spinach Lentil Salad-250

The best way to enjoy B.C. blueberries is by the handful but for those who are handy in the kitchen, the website has more than 100 recipes with creative and healthy ideas on how to use the berries – from nutritious breakfasts and traditional baking, through to salads, cocktails and ideas for the grill.

Impress guests at your summer barbecue with this Blueberry Spinach Lentil Salad (recipe below).



Blueberry Apple Cider Vinaigrette:

½ cup (75 g)             B.C Blueberries, fresh or frozen (thawed)
3 tbsp (45 ml)        Olive or vegetable oil
2 tbsp (30 ml)        Apple cider vinegar
1 tsp (5 ml)              Honey
½ tsp (2.5 ml)         Salt
½ tsp (2.5 ml)         Pepper


3 cups (90 g)           Fresh spinach leaves, washed and stems removed
1½ cups (225 g)    Fresh B.C. Blueberries
1 cup (125 g)          Cooked green lentils, cooled
¾ cup (100 g)          Apple, sliced
½ cup (75 g)             Goat cheese (optional)
⅓ cup (40 g)             Walnuts, chopped


  • To make vinaigrette, blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Keep refrigerated.
  • Toss the spinach leaves in a small amount of the blueberry apple cider vinaigrette and place at the bottom of a large shallow bowl.
  • Layer the blueberries, lentils and apple on the bed of dressed spinach.
  • Drizzle with more vinaigrette and top with goat cheese and walnuts.



Photo courtesy of: BC Blueberry Council/ Tracey Kusiewicz

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