Polaroid Kids Tablet 2


The Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 is pre-loaded with over 70 popular books and apps (over $100 value) to keep children occupied for hours. The tablet now comes equipped with the full versions of 25 top-rated books and apps from Disney, Marvel and Cartoon Network that feature some of the most beloved cartoon and comic book characters. Children can learn to read with the help of comic book superheroes Spiderman, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk or play fun and exciting games with characters from Toy Story, Wreck-It Ralph and Cars.

Additionally, the Kids Tablet 2 features new and updated apps that help children express their creative sides. The new front and rear cameras, along with the Kids Cam app, allows young users to easily take pictures and video with music and special effects using the tablet’s built-in filters. Kids can also make their own music with the tablet’s DJ Studio, which is pre-loaded with a library of different sounds and beats.


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