Bug Off!

Summer is a great time to be out with the kids. But are you prepared? With the threat of West Nile, the mosquito problem is a huge issue so we must take precautions to avoid getting bitten. Here are some...


A Signing Story

Just a few years ago signing with your baby was a novel idea. Parents felt using sign language with babies was reserved for children with special needs or that signing with babies would delay a child's speech...


Why Music is Good For Babies

Babies love music, and music is good for their development. If you can't carry a tune, don't fret. There are lots of ways to bring music into your baby's life. Learn about it For hundreds of years, mothers have...


Cleanup in Aisle Five!

Food shopping with a toddler really puts the "gross" in grocery. "Shop till you drop." It takes on a new and urgent meaning when you hit the produce department with a 1-year-old. I am on my fourth toddler. Don't...



Other cultures teach us about pregnancy, birth and babies What we can learn: Anthropologists like Carol Worthman of Emory University have been credited with giving birth to a new field of study in recent years -...


10 Steps for Effective Pumping

Pumping can be a challenge under the best of circumstances. It feels a little strange because of the newness, it's certainly not as effective as a baby and it can sometimes be frustrating to figure out. Try these...



Our helpful glossary of childhood ailments. Cradle Cap: A skin condition in babies characterized by a yellowish or brownish scaly buildup on the head; may also be accompanied by redness in the creases of the...


What are Omega 3’s?

We’ve all heard that there are “good” and “bad” fats. Well, omega-3 fats are the “good” or healthy fats. They are considered “essential”. That’s a dietitian’s way of saying our bodies need them,...



Recently, there has been a lot of celebrity discussion about the link to autism and vaccines. Two Hollywood moms, Jenny McCarthy and Amanda Peet, have gone head to head trying to sway the public’s opinion. In 2005...


Getting Back in the Saddle

Under any circumstances the road back to having a sex life after having a baby is tough. The OB’s standard advice is to wait six weeks after giving birth to have sex. This is not a number created to drive men ...


Back to Work After Baby

Returning to work after maternity leave doesn’t have to be the stuff of which new mom nightmares are made. Here are some mom-proven strategies for making the transition as stress-free as possible for you and your...


The Art of Deception

Visit a local bookstore and you’ll see that the cookbook section is filled with several variations of the theme of “Deceptive Cooking”. Loosely defined, parents are apparently being told to disguise good,...

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