Breastfeeding and returning to work

Join the many women who continue breastfeeding after returning to work! Why continue to breastfeed? Your baby needs only breastmilk for the first six months, and you can continue to breastfeed for up to two years...


Benefits of Breastfeeding

We've all heard how beneficial breastfeeding is to both mommy and baby. Here are some interesting facts: Did you know? 1. Breast milk has natural antibiotic qualities, and many mothers swear that a squirt in...


Lullaby and Goodnight

Lullaby and Goodnight As a new parent you may find yourself rocking your baby to sleep and struggling to remember the simplest of lyrics to the lullabies that you remember from your childhood. We thought we'd help...


Daddy, Play with me

The clock in Jeff's car glows 6:40pm as he rolls into the driveway after another long and tiring day at work. He opens the door to his home with a weary sigh and drops the mail next to the answering machine, which is...


Reflux and GERD

In many countries worldwide reflux is over diagnosed. Unfortunately parents don’t really have an understanding of what real reflux is and so they medicate or operate before trying to fix the problem holistically.The...


Boys and Girls

It's a biological fact that there are differences in behavior and development between boys and girls from birth. Don't enforce stereotypes, but help your baby to develop skills that don't come as naturally, such as...


Q&A with Dr. Fleming

What about stinging insects? There are a variety of stinging insects, including honey bees, bumble bees, wasps, and hornets. Symptoms can be local or systemic, which means other symptoms are involved. If your child...


Childhood Fever

Every year during flu season I am swamped with calls from concerned parents regarding the treatment of a childhood fever. While fevers are upsetting to parents and uncomfortable for a child, fevers are a natural...


Q&A with Dr. Fleming

What is influenza? Influenza is a viral respiratory illness that occurs November to April typically. The common cold is not influenza though we often hear it referred to as “the flu”. What are the...


Benefits of Yoga with Baby

Yoga for Two The miracle of birth is indeed a miracle! But the following weeks of physical exhaustion from lack of sleep, constant mood swings brought on by raging hormones and feelings of depression and isolation...


Dress Warm

Expectant Mothers Although many pregnant women find that the extra activity going on in their body keeps them warm during the winter months, Canada's chilly climate makes outer layers a necessity. However, buying a...

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