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The Luvion Walky

Developed and designed in The Netherlands to teach your baby to walk the natural way. The Luvion Walky lets babies adopt an anatomically correct and upright posture while parents can maintain their natural walking posture as well. This equates to less back strain and more fun for you and your baby. www.kickboard.ca

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ZoLi Baby SUMO

The big bro to our On-the-Go snack dispenser has all the same convenient and easy to use features but now holds much more. Bulky snacks such as strawberries, orange slices, pretzel sticks, and rice cakes easily fit and makes travel much easier with SUMO's stackable and modular system. www.zolibaby.com

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Super Cool Kids Clothing

Super Cool Kids' Clothing (SCKC), was born out of a need for comfortable, fashionable children's clothing. The mix and match-ability is a bonus. Unique, practical styling and soft fabrics differentiate this Canadian designed line of boys' and girls' clothing (Newborn to size 10). www.sckc.ca

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Haven’t mastered swaddling? Pippalily’s Bamboo Baby Swaddler is a must! Its light weight and stretchy fabric allows you to securely swaddle your baby. You can even change a diaper without unswaddling, letting sleeping babies sleep! www.pippalily.com

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Piggy Paint

Piggy Paint is a natural, eco-friendly nail polish designed for fancy girls who love pretty colours. It's odorless, non-toxic, hypoallergenic formula makes it safe to use on all little piggies. www.piggypaint.com

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Sun Cover for Baby Carrier is compatible with BabyBjörn Baby Carriers Original, Air, Active and Synergy. It protects baby’s sensitive skin from the sun and wind, and features a detachable sun-hood for baby’s head. Rated UPF 40, the Sun Cover meets the globally recognized standard for excellent sun protective clothing. www.babybjorn.com

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Chopstix Kids

Chopstix Kids is a premium line of faux denim jeggings for little girls. Each design includes astonishingly accurate screen printed details and creative pocket designs. Available in size six months to size six, Chopstix Kids has become a favorite among discriminating parents, as well as finicky little fashionistas who refuse to dress in denim. www.chopstixkids.com

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Baby Gourmet

Great tasting, all natural and safe 100% organic home style baby food available across Canada. Baby Gourmet’s meals are specifically designed to introduce babies to a diverse range of tastes and textures, while supplying optimum nutrition in a convenient 128mL pouch. www.babygourmet.com

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Baby’s First Food Journal

Baby’s First Foods helps parents stay organized as baby grows older and explores the wonderful messy world of food! This useful journal allows parents to track foods as they are introduced to their child and menu plan to ensure their baby is eating a well-balanced diet. www.glowbaby.ca

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Tooth Fairy Doll

The Tooth Fairy Doll from BabyBox.com is the perfect way to enjoy a childhood rite of passage - losing a tooth. The sweet little tooth fairy doll is decorated with a hand knit dress complete with fun details, your child's name embroidered on the front, and a special pocket for your child's tiny tooth. www.BabyBox.com

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Prenatal Fitness

Health professionals all agree that staying fit throughout your pregnancy will have a huge impact on your pregnancy, labour/delivery and recovery. Some of the remarkable benefits of exercising during pregnancy include: • improved mood, sleep and energy, selfimage, balance, posture, tone and strength • better preparation for labour • faster recovery postpartum • regaining pre-pregnancy figure quickly • reduced back pain,...

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Soothing a crying baby: Why they cry and what to do

Crying is your baby’s most important way of communicating with you, especially in the early days. She’s trying hard to help you understand what she wants and needs. Crying tends to be at its most frequent (about two hours per day) when your infant is three to six weeks old. Common reasons your baby cries... • Being hungry or thirsty • Having a wet or dirty diaper • Being too cold or too warm • Needing reassurance that...

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