Your Baby’s Milestones


13 months – 24 months

Here is a month by month guide on what to expect from your baby in his second year of life. Your baby may reach these milestones earlier or later than this, rest assured that each baby develops at his own pace. Be prepared for fun filled days with your baby as he continues to explore himself and his surroundings.
13 months

  • Can stand on her own and walk with assistance
  • Examines objects close up
  • Can use two words properly
  • Can bend down to pick up toys

14 months

  • Is cruising or walking unsteadily
  • Drinks from a cup
  • Can feed himself finger food
  • Can play peekaboo

15 months

  • Says some simple words
  • “No” is his favourite word
  • Helps to turn pages in a book
  • Climbs stairs

16 months

  • Able to point to body parts when asked
  • Has temper tantrums
  • Loses the morning nap
  • Enjoys music and singing

17 months

  • Helps to undress herself
  • Climbing furniture becomes favourite game
  • Can follow simple directions
  • Seperation anxiety decreases

18 months

  • Starts to run
  • Likes pressing and turning buttons and knobs
  • Masters scribbling
  • Can say at least 15 words

19 months

  • Can use a fork and spoon
  • Starts to show signs of being ready for potty training
  • Can put together words
  • Can brush her own teeth with assistance

20 months

  • May start to hit, bite, and push
  • Can get undressed by himself
  • Imitates through toys – eg. Feeds a doll
  • Can run well

21 months

  • Likes to “help” with household chores
  • Will search for hidden things
  • Walks down stairs with help
  • Can build things with toys/blocks

22 months

  • Can draw a straight line
  • Can kick and throw a ball
  • Imitates other people
  • Opens and closes doors

23 months

  • Understands opposites
  • Can speak in short sentences
  • Can sing easy songs
  • Shows an interest in puzzles

24 months

  • “Why” is becoming his favourite question
  • Can name body parts
  • Starts to talk about himself
  • Showing signs of being ready for a toddler bed

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