What are Omega 3’s?


We’ve all heard that there are “good” and “bad” fats. Well, omega-3 fats are the “good” or healthy fats. They are considered “essential”. That’s a dietitian’s way of saying our bodies need them, but can’t make them, so we have to get them from the beverages we drink and foods we eat. Of the three types of omega-3’s (known for short as DHA, LNA and EPA), DHA is the nutritional all-star from pregnancy to early childhood.

During Pregnancy It is widely accepted that DHA is essential for the normal development of the brain, nervous system and vision. That’s why DHA is important during pregnancy but it doesn’t stop there.

Nursing moms need a DHA-rich diet too so their babies can benefit from the DHA in breast milk. Some studies have shown that infants fed a formula with DHA perform better on mental development scores than infants fed a formula without DHA.

During the toddler, preschool and schoolage years, DHA continues to support normal brain development so it’s a good idea to regularly offer children foods and beverages that contain some DHA. Research has also shown that DHA helps mom stay healthy before, during and after pregnancy. The benefits are as numerous as they are diverse, providing protection from cardiovascular disease to inflammatory conditions to depression and more.

Source: HealthComm





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