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Doctors' Breastfeeding Clinic

1(888) 807-0650 website

1C Conestoga Drive, Suite 300, Brampton, Peel, Ontario, L4Z 4N5

The Doctors' Breastfeeding Clinic is a full service clinic focused on mothers, babies and any issues they have with breastfeeding. It is staffed by doctors and a lactation consultant to help improve your breastfeeding experience. Our goal is to help you solve any of your breastfeeding problems. Mothers and babies are seen in a private setting.

Our clinic services are covered by OHIP. A referral is not required but is recommended. Patients can usually be seen within 24-48 hours. Our clinics currently run Monday to Friday mornings and on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons by appointment only.

Maternal Issues
•milk supply
•nipple pain
•cracked and bleeding nipples
•latching and positioning
•previous breast reduction
•flat or inverted nipples
•blocked milk ducts
•multiple gestation
•candidal/yeast infection
•adoption and breastfeeding

Infant Issues
•slow weight gain
•NICU discharge
•failure to thrive
•tongue tie
•formula intolerance

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