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Once Upon a Baby

Child development experts have been telling parents, for what seems like forever, about the benefits of reading to your child. Now no onecan doubt that fact, but there is one element ofreading to your child that is...

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Getting Back in the Fashion Swing

Being pregnant was the greatest experience of my life thus far. I loved everything about it (outside of the morning sickness). I loved how it made my hair shine and my skin glow. I loved how cute I looked in my...

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Daddy, Play with me

The clock in Jeff's car glows 6:40pm as he rolls into the driveway after another long and tiring day at work. He opens the door to his home with a weary sigh and drops the mail next to the answering machine, which is...

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You’re Pregnant. Now what are you...

You’re pregnant, and you have nothing to wear! Congratulations! You’re pregnant. Three months to be exact. Your jeans are starting to not buckle up and all of your T-shirts are suddenly too short and too tight....

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Nursing Bras

A bra is a big deal. Most of us remember getting our first one. We have favourites; the best one for running, the perfect one for that white t-shirt or summer dress, the sexy ones… Most of us have a few bras that we...

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Baby Carriers

Are you looking for a baby carrier? Oh Baby! Magazine has teamed up with PTPA Media and here is their list of four baby carriers available for purchase in Canada that have been both parent tested and parent approved. We...

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My Own Baby Signing Story

Like many parents who sign with their baby, my initial motivation for teaching my son American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary was to give him a way to express his wants and needs before he was able to speak. Joshua...

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How to select a sitter

When the time comes to go back to work, you will have to start looking for someone to watch your child. Finding the right person might seem like a complicated and stressful task, but in fact, with good preparation, it...

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secret sex

Secret Sex Sessions

It's a game. A high stakes, no mistakes game of cat & mouse. A game requiring steely nerves, and cunning strategy. A forbidden game that many adults are forced by nature to play. A game known to scores of parental units...

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Comment choisir sa gardienne à domicile

Lorsque vient le temps de reprendre le travail, certains parents embauchent une gardienne à domicile pour s’occuper de leur chérubin. Trouver la bonne personne peut sembler ardu, mais c’est plus facile que vous ne...

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Celebrity Moms and Why They Don't...

Come on, we were all excited when Kate Hudson got really fat while expecting her first child. Unfortunately, now she's skinny again, and most Supermoms are still working off the last ten pounds from a child we gave...

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mom in curlers

Beauty Confessions

Courtesy of: YummyMummyClub.ca   It's 9:30 am. I'm in line for my second coffee of the day, behind her. She's got on some trendy, black yoga gear from head to toe. She's wearing mascara and lip gloss. Her hair is...

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