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Food Allergies

Introducing new foods to your baby can be scary when you start to think of all the possible reactions they can have. Hopefully the following information will make it all a little bit easier. Remember that mealtimes...

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Odd Man Out

Help Your Hubby Support Breastfeeding You know all about how great breastfeeding is, right? That it's free, that it never runs out and that breastfed babies' diapers don't stink are major advantages. But there's a...

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Nursery Essentials

Clothes: Here's a basic list of the clothes you're going to need when you bring your baby home: 1. four to six receiving gowns 2. two or three one-piece footed sleepers 3. four to six undershirts 4. two...

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Milk Supply and Intake The first two...

The first two weeks "I don"t think that my baby is getting enough milk." When I am answering phone calls from new mothers, this is the statement that I most often hear. There seems to be something that kicks in...

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Your Baby’s Milestones

13 months – 24 months Here is a month by month guide on what to expect from your baby in his second year of life. Your baby may reach these milestones earlier or later than this, rest assured that each baby...

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Pregnancy A Hair-Raising Experience?

Expectant mothers are often told they are "glowing" - and this isn't necessarily a result of sheer happiness. During pregnancy, increased blood flow to the skin actually results in a clear, healthy skin tone. Other...

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Show me a Sign

Recently I found myself on a hot afternoon, piling my three young girls into the van after a long morning. We were hot, tired, and hungry, which any parent knows is a hazardous situation. Because of the circumstance,...

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The Progress of Pregnancy

Having a baby growing inside you is like being part of a real-life miracle. Sometimes you'll pat your stomach and feel you can hardly believe your child is in there. Take time to ponder the wonder of what's happening;...

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The Art & Science of Being Self-Ful

Five ways to get from "running on empty" to becoming the Mom you're meant to be. Driving downtown one day, I happened to notice a bumper sticker that read: "I am Woman. I am invincible. I am tired." Boy, did I laugh...

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Starting Early: How to Discipline Your...

When you look at your innocent baby you probably can't imagine that she'll ever have a tantrum or decorate the walls with her crayons. You might wonder at what point discipline will begin in your child's life. While...

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What are you putting on your baby’s...

With growing concerns about toxins and chemicals in all products from cosmetics, skin care, food, food storage containers, and even baby bottles, it’s no doubt that new moms (and experienced ones) are looking for...

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Salsa Babies

I believe first time moms have incredible intentions of wanting to do everything with their babies. Being one of these "I'm gonna do it all" moms myself, I was determined to sign up for everything I heard about while I...

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