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Q&A with Dr. Fleming

What about stinging insects? There are a variety of stinging insects, including honey bees, bumble bees, wasps, and hornets. Symptoms can be local or systemic, which means other symptoms are involved. If your child...

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Safe Toys & Play

Toys and play are important to your child’s development, and safety is essential. In Canada, responsibility for toy safety is shared among governments, the toy industry, safety associations, parents, and...

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Q&A with Dr. Fleming

What is influenza? Influenza is a viral respiratory illness that occurs November to April typically. The common cold is not influenza though we often hear it referred to as “the flu”. What are the...

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Pregnancy Glossary

Just in case you didn’t know… Amniocentesis: Procedure to test for chromosomal abnormalities and fetal infections where a sample of amniotic fluid is taken with a needle. Breech Presentation: When a baby is...

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Sleep Problem Solver

From A to ZZZZs The Quick Guide to Preventing and Solving - Baby Sleep Problems While your nightstand may be overflowing with books about pregnancy and birth, you may want to add a baby sleep book to that stack,...

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How to Have A Happy Marriage When...

When You're Busy Being Parents Is your marriage everything you ever hoped it could be? Or has it been pushed down your list of priorities since having children? Let's face it, parenthood is a full-time job, and it...

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Green is the New Black

What you need to know about organic clothes We’ve all heard about the importance of being “green,” recycling, using re-useable grocery bags, buying organic food, but did you know there is a “greener” way to...

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Holiday Drink Recipes for the Mom-to-be

Spice of the Season Mulled Wine Simmering spiced wine on the stove makes the whole house smell like Christmas. With this alcohol-removed version, you don’t have to miss out on that special aromatic memory (which...

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Q&A Pregnancy and Exercise

I am four months along in my high risk pregnancy. I have also been in Muay Thai Kickboxing for two years. Can I safely continue a cardio Kickboxing and bag boxing regime? Lucy In a high risk pregnancy you have to be...

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Babies: Pumping Iron

There's been a lot of talk recently about the crucial role that iron plays in promoting healthy growth and development in babies and young children—and for good reason. Iron is the key ingredient in hemoglobin, the...

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Baby On Board

An Overview of Canada's Seatbelt & Carseat Laws Car crashes are the number one cause of death for Canadian children! A properly installed car seat can reduce the risk of serious injury or death by as much as 71...

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Pregnancy and Loss

Being Happily Pregnant During the Saddest Time in My Life Being happily pregnant during the saddest time in my life sounds contradictory, but it's true. In less than three years, I lost the three most important...

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