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Jealous of baby art

A new mom's secret: I'm jealous of my...

Lauren (not her real name) was blissfully pregnant with her first child, enjoying her growing bump and attention from well wishers. But right after her daughter Emma was born, Lauren began to feel an overwhelming sense...

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Mommy Tummy 250

The Real Truth about that darn Mummy...

Moms of all shapes, sizes and nationalities can relate to the loving term, “mummy tummy”. You know what I mean - the pooch, pouch, bump, whatever you want to call it, that never seems to go away no matter how many...

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Robina_Head_Shot_Biz_Card 250

A Parental Support System in the...

“Happy Parents. Happy Children. Happy Life.” It’s a new Lunch & Learn session introduced into corporate workplaces by Toronto TV personality and parenting expert, Nanny Robina. She is well-known for her...

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2010 colour head shot side kathy

Parenting: The Ultimate Work Out

The holiday season is mere weeks away and our ambitions to fit into that cute sleeveless Little Black Dress gain strength. But who has time or energy to work out? Good news Moms: Turns out you already are. As a public...

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I love my mommy!

It dawned on me on the first birthday I celebrated after my baby was born that I should totally give my mom a present on my birthday. I have always appreciated and loved my mother very much. She didn't have the...

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paper family

His + Yours = Ours, Or Does It?

Blended families, step families, mixed families, whatever you want to call them, can be joyous or difficult.  Just take a look around at some of what you read on the internet.  You have those families that turn out to...

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dad and baby hands 250

Keeping calm in an emergency

I recently received a phone call from a parent notifying me that his son could not make a play date to the pool with my step son because he had scraped his arm. With great concern I asked when this happened and how bad...

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Prepare for the unthinkable

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: while eating breakfast in his highchair , your child begins to choke. His face turns red, his lips blue. As you frantically unbuckle his safety belt, your mind races. Do you know...

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black cat

That Wretched Cat

Several years ago, I served as midwife to a young black cat that gave birth to six kittens in the bottom of my bathroom closet.  She was a stray who had adopted us; and at some point in time, found herself in the...

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baby watching tv

The Real Babysitting 101 Course

Like many 12 year olds, my daughter recently completed her “Babysitting Course”, which in theory will enable her to venture forth into the world of watching other people’s children with insight, knowledge, and...

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Mom and Baby Boot Camp

The best way to break up the monotony of a workout is to include your baby! With the recent British release of physical activity guidelines for children under five, we are looking at ways to give our babies and...

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tea pot and mug

Mommy First

Took the morning off work for me. Shock! Dropped my toddler son at daycare and came home to write. Horrors! Happily danced around the house with music blaring like a teenager. Guilt! Guilt! Guilt! Since becoming a...

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