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Mommy brain down the drain

I have this theory about the phenomenon known as mommy brain. When my son was conceived, not only did he get half my genetic makeup (lucky, lucky boy), he also stole more than his fair share of my precious brain cells...

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What the Classes and Cows don't tell...

As my husband and I prepare for baby number two, we are once again faced with the decision of whether to breastfeed or formula feed. While weighing the pros and cons of both and ultimately deciding “Breast is Best,”...

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water faucet

Recovering after Birth

The human body has the ability to heal itself. In today’s society, we tend to work against the natural healing of our bodies. Poor posture, sedentary lifestyles, overuse of medications and returning to activity before...

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baby swim

Tips for Teaching your Babies to Swim

Teaching your baby to swim early is the best safeguard against drowning. “No child, and I mean no child, has to ever drown in a swimming pool again if they are taught how to survive in the water the right way and at...

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Busy all day and yet nothing ever done

3:30 am (Ahh... the 24 hour clock of parenthood) Get up to nurse 7 week old baby. He falls asleep mid-feed. Change his diaper to wake him up. Good Gandhi he didn't like THAT. Resume nursing. Put baby...

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Preparing for the cost of...

As parents we often think of our children’s major milestones–first word, first step, and the list goes on… One thing that parents sometimes fail to think about and plan for is the first day of university or...

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Mom Entrepreneur Baby Gourmet

One on One with a Mom Entrepreneur:...

If the saying “you are what you eat” is true, then I might have a problem, but cofounder of Baby Gourmet, Jennifer Broe is making sure that other little ones start off on the right taste buds. Baby Gourmet...

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Stay At Home, Dad

Oh my, the neighbourhood is abuzz this morning. A new family just moved in and the waves of horror started almost immediately. Really there should be a central database to track these guys—yes, that’s right, I’m...

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energizer mummy

Recharging the Energizer Mummy

I don’t know about you, and while I wouldn't have had it any other way, I feel like my life post birth has changed much more radically than my husband's has.  And I'm not sure whether that's because I carried my son...

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You're never too young to get organized

Professional Organizers in Canada show you how to teach your children responsibility for organizing their things. Parents often find themselves frustrated and annoyed at the mess in their home because of their...

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KidDictionary - Parents say the...

Parents have THE hardest job, as they must wrangle, care for and teach the most difficult people in all of society–Their children. Diffusing bombs amidst enemy fire in a war zone? Easy!  Welding I-beams on...

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married sex

Married Sex: Hunting the Mythical Beast

Sometimes I'm not sure if my readers are more shocked by the WAY I talk about sex on my blog - or by the fact that I actually HAVE sex and four young children under seven. The resounding comment on my blog is, "I will...

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