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What to know so you can prepare for the...

It’s no surprise that a pregnancy stereotype is that pregnant woman have to pee so often. As your baby grows, and the uterus expands, pressure is put on your pelvic muscles. One in three women, in their first...

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Judgemental Mommies

“Oh, Those Judgmental Mommies!”

By: Jennifer Lubell How to Deal with and Deflect their comments The attack is sneakier than a Scud missile...and before you know it, you feel bewildered, bruised, and seeking shelter. No, I'm not talking about the...

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Les Enfants Terrible: C’est tout.

I think North American women are ready to put up an “arret” sign against the recent barrage of  books by French femmes who are writing about how they drink champagne, eat foie gras and don’t get fat; bring up...

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Why do I need a Maternity Bra?

At some point during pregnancy, reality hits all women! In addition to the bouts of morning sickness, our breasts begin to expand and change. But while we change other parts of our wardrobe, we neglect our...

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Make Everyday a Father’s Day:

Let’s face it, sometimes fathers feel a bit left out. They may feel a little unsure of their abilities in the parenting department, and women, like many other species, can smell fear. Not only do we moms want to save...

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Part of the reason barbecuing is so appealing is that it seems to throw away the constraints of the kitchen and let the outdoors rule. However, this freedom from the tyranny of mealtime can easily be taken to...

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I Have a Confession

In my old life I was a personal trainer…old life. While I was pregnant with Brayden, I had visions of getting back into running and working out as soon as possible, like a week after he was born. Hah! So far, my...

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yoga 250

Five Perfect Yoga Poses For Mom

1. Easy Seated Pose with “Success Breath” Multitasking can easily become overwhelming. Try this simple posture for a few minutes to ground your thoughts and slow your heart rate down. Sit in a comfortable...

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shutterstock_77705698 allergens 250

Spring Flowers Bring Nasal Showers:...

ACHOO! Does Spring equal red, watery, itchy eyes, scratchy throat and the sniffles? You have seasonal allergies. It’s that time of the year again when the trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, the grass is...

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piggy bank

Mom, Chief Financial Officer

It’s funny that it’s called “Mother’s Day,” when we know the challenges, and the rewards of being a Mom happen year round.  If it was your first year being a Mom, you know that it’s been both thrilling and...

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shutterstock_78675073 250

The Going Rate

By: Tara Weng Having a family can seem like a financial free-for-all, even the little things like what to pay a babysitter and how much is a tooth really worth can become a challenge. So what is the going rate these...

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More Business of Being Born

Executive Producer Ricki Lake and Filmmaker Abby Epstein present an online screening of Explore Your Options: Doulas, Birth Centers and C-Sections from their highly influential four-part DVD series More Business of...

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